Pop Shops at Belmar Pop Shops at Belmar
Charlie B’s Pig Roast T’s Charlie B’s Pig Roast T’s
Sleuthworks Sleuthworks
Inventors Center of Kansas City Inventors Center of Kansas City
Guaranty Bank Guaranty Bank
The Bleu Jacket The Bleu Jacket
The Marc Jr Foundation The Marc Jr Foundation
Masspire Masspire
Galleon Marketing Galleon Marketing
Badger Bay Badger Bay
Dine Out Downtown Dine Out Downtown
The Shorelands at Centerra The Shorelands at Centerra
Slalom Creek Slalom Creek
Mountain Man Mountain Man
Solix Biofuels Solix Biofuels
The T-Bones The T-Bones
NeoNet.com NeoNet.com
Raquette River Club Raquette River Club
Earthworks Expo Earthworks Expo
Open Cabin Open Cabin

Identities can make or break you.

The logo is usually the first (and sometimes the only) thing consumers recognize about companies. Therefore, a company’s identity is perhaps the most vocal component of a company’s brand. It’s on us as brand managers to make them outstanding and meaningful. The conceptual aspect of corporate identity makes it one of my favorite things to work on. I illustrated all of the logos herein, unless otherwise indicated.

I am currently accepting branding and identity projects.